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  • Made from responsibly sourced plantation bamboo which is fast growing & renewable.
  • Large diameter bamboo is chosen for its thick interior walls making this panels extremely hard wearing but also heavier than other bamboo panels.
  • We highly recommend this product – minimal maintenance and minimal signs of aging and colour change, it is ideal in all parts of Australia.
  • The ‘half raft’ style almost eliminates cracking, reduces the panels weight and also makes it easy to secure.
  • Extremely versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications (eg. Screening, fencing, a backdrop)


Material: Natural Bamboo (sourced from Central Java)

Also available in Black/dark brown

  • 1800 x 900
    2000 x 1000
    2400 x 1000
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  • Single sided panel
  • The panel will require a structure to be attached to, (eg. Fence, Carport, a wall or just posts) but is structurally strong and will not bend or sag.
  • If you wish to maintain the initial look, the panel should be resealed periodically (after first allowing the product to naturally weather) with an exterior grade timber finish.

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1800 x 900, 2000 x 1000, 2400 x 1000


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Natural Bamboo Half Raft Panel