• Great for a garden center piece or for warming your outdoor living space
  • Adds function and style to your home outdoors
  • Durable product that can be used as a planter, water feature, fire pit, or decorative sculpture
  • Solid cast-iron bowl, 4mm thick (1100mm bowl), 3mm thich (750mm bowl)
  • Removable top & flat folding base  for easy transport



  • 750mm diameter bowl (230mm depth)
    – With 350mm (H) SQUARE base to suit
    – With 250mm (H) CYLINDER base to suit


  • 1100mm diameter bowl (350mm depth)
    – With 300mm (H) SQUARE base to suit
    – With 500mm (H) SQUARE base to suit
    – With 700mm (H) SQUARE base to suit

*300mm base not pictured

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750mm Bowl, 1100mm Bowl


SQ300mm, SQ350mm, SQ500mm, SQ700mm, CYL250mm


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