Our Story

We are a family owned and run business in Melbourne’s South East.

The business began in 1988 as a manufacturing/wholesale company, and in 2002, a separate importing company was started to supply quality outdoor bamboo products.

By 2005, the business had expanded into timber and later steel products.

Our aim is to source unique, high quality raw material and design functional outdoor products, while also providing a future for our staff and those who produce our products.

Working Conditions

Our Bamboo & Timber products are sourced from rural, renewable sources in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. We work hard to provide employment and stability for rural workers and their families by helping build workplaces of a high standard, and offering safe and secure employment under proper conditions. No child or sweat shop labour is used in the production of our products or the supply of the raw materials.

The businesses that we deal with are all family run and all family and staff are known to us, and we to them.

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