72% Block out#

Its giving vacation vibes! This pattern will transform your space into a luxurious oasis and make every day feel like a holiday. Very ’on trend’ pattern.

This design is medium block out
Great for privacy, while also allowing light through – use it to divide a space, as a feature or as a pergola roof!


Specs: 1800 x 900mm
14mm thick mild steel panel (13mm backing frame + 1mm steel sheet) + hanging lugs on the back.

  • 1800 x 900
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  • Our steel panels all have a unique 13mm steel tube frame on the back making them superior in strength and stability, also safe & easier to handle.

  • These are quality screens tested and proven to withstand our harsh Australian climate.

  • Extremely versatile; Use our panels for privacy screening, to break up a boring fence line or as a feature in your garden.

  • Finished in high quality outdoor paint which can easily be high pressure washed and painted to refresh or restyle the panel.



Ideal for single sided display due to the frame on the back however both sides of the panel are painted and the rear will still look attractive.

The panel will require a structure to be attached to, (eg. Fence, Carport, a wall or posts).

Even though we use high quality paint on our panels they will still fade and change over time with long term exposure to the elements.

To extend the life of the panel and prevent fading, they can be sealed and resealed periodically with an outdoor metal sealer similar to Incralac or Penetrol. This is especially recommended in areas close to the ocean.


# All block out percentages are calculated as a reasonably accurate guide based on looking straight on at the panel

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1800 x 900


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Off White Steel Panel”

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‘Palm Leaf’
Off White Steel Panel