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Why you’ll love this panel:

  • Built with a unique steel box frame on the back. Making them superior in strength and stability, also safe & easier to handle/install.
  • The painted finish can easily be high pressure cleaned and repainted to create a refreshed or new look.
  • This is a high quality fit-for-purpose product (no one needs heavy industrial grade Corten steel in their backyard) but will withstand harsh Australian conditions.
  • Extremely versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications (eg. Screening, fencing, a backdrop, a statement piece)


Can be used in unison with a translucent acrylic panel to create a light box effect or add LED lighting to create an artificial day and night light box.


1800H x 900L x 14mm thick (13mm backing frame + 1mm steel sheet)

1190H x 590L x 11mm thick (10mm backing frame + 1mm steel sheet)

*Also available in Real Rust finish

  • 1190 x 590
    1800 x 900
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  • Ideal for single sided display however both sides of the panel are painted so the back side will still look attractive.
  • The panel will require a structure to be attached to, (eg. Fence, Carport, a wall or just posts)
  • Although the panel is painted with high quality outdoor paint, it will fade and change over time with long term exposure to the elements.
  • If you wish to maintain the initial look, the panel should be sealed with an outdoor metal sealer similar to Incralac or Penetrol. Do this every 6 months.

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1190 x 590, 1800 x 900


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Painted Steel Panel