• Unique high fashion product
  • Panels are hand-made entirely from recycled timber creating an individual look – no two panels are identical.
  • The timber is robust and hard wearing and will not bleed or stain
  • Recycled timber means it’s great for the environment!


Material: Plantation Hardwood (Acacia)


1800H x 900L / 1800H x 1200L / 1800H x 1800L / 900H x 1800L / 1200H x 1800L
* all dimensions given with slats running horizontally

  • 1800 x 900
    1200 x 1800
    1800 x 1200
    1800 x 1800
    1800 x 900
    900 x 1800
SKU: IRTP1809 / IRTP1218 / IRTP1812 / IRTP1818 / IRTP0918 Category:


  • Single sided panel
  • The panel will require a structure to be attached to, (eg. Fence, Carport, a wall or just posts)
  • Panels are fastened with screws for improved longevity
  • Although the panel is pre-sealed, it will slowly fade and change over time with long term exposure to the elements.
  • To improve longevity of the panel is can be sealed with an exterior grade timber finish.

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1200 x 1800, 1800 x 1200, 1800 x 1800, 1800 x 900, 900 x 1800


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