Why you’ll love this product:

  • Rusted screens are the height of outdoor fashion and are our fastest growing range nationwide.
  • This is a high quality fit-for-purpose product (no one needs heavy industrial grade Corten steel in their backyard) but it will withstand harsh Australian conditions.


Dimension : 890L x 545H x 45D mm (3D shape Wall-Art)

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General Information:

  • This piece is ideal for single sided display
  • The piece will require wall/structure to be attached to
  • The real rust looks is great however it can slowly thin and stain surfaces under it with prolonged exposure to the elements
  • The extend the life of the panel and minimise staining, it  can be sealed and resealed periodically with an outdoor metal similar to Incralac pr Penetrol, This is recommended especially in areas close to the ocean


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Real Rust”

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