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    • Great for a garden center piece or for warming you outdoor living space
    • Adds function and decor to your home outdoors
    • Durable product that can be used as a planter, water feature, fire pit, or decorative sculpture
    • Solid cast-iron bowl, 4mm thick
    • Removable top for easy transport


    Small – Size: 500mm x 750mm (WxH) Bowl Depth: 230mm
    Medium – Size: 750mm x 1100mm (WxH) Bowl Depth: 350mm
    Large- Size: 
    950mm x 1100mm (WxH) Bowl Depth: 350mm

    SIZES AVAILABLE : 500 x 750 (Diameter) - 700 x 1100 (Diameter) - 900 x 1100 (Diameter)