Sekit Product Code: SRJ1804F3
Barcode: 9334264002991
Dimensions: 1800 x 440mm x 3 Panels
  • single/double sided product
  • All steel screens are hand painted with a rust finish. This means colour variations and ensures each individual screen is unique
  • Light and easy handling and installation
  • Great value for money - who needs Corten steel in their backyard?
  • Free standing or can be attached to an existing structure or fence
  • Extremely versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications
  • High visual impact product
  • Can be used in unison with a translucent acrylic panel to create a natural light box effect or add LED lighting to create an artificial day and night light box
  • With long term exposure to the elements, this product will further rust over time; enhancing the look. This may cause staining of the wall or the ground below
  • If you wish to maintain the initial look, the panel should be sealed with an outdoor metal sealer similar to Incralac or Penetrol. Do this every 6 months

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