• Entry point small diameter full bamboo, made from fast growing, renewable & responsible sources.
  • Crafted with exterior grade galvanised wire, it is durable and strong enough to withstand a windy environment if erected correctly.
  • One of the first products in the rolled format introduced to Australia and continues to be popular in the market place.
  • Long lasting & extremely versatile product suitable for a wide range of application in both sheltered and non-sheltered areas
  • The light colour shows little sign of aging or colour change.


You could use this product to wrap and hide your water tank or other eyesores around your home.

DIMENSIONS: 1800 (H) x 3000 (L) x 10mm




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  • Dual sided product
  • The roll will require a structure to be attached to, (eg. Fence, Carport, posts) but will hold its shape vertically and not sag or bend.
  • Although this product shows no dramatic aging appearance it will still fade and crack over time. This will not affect the longevity or structural integrity of the roll.
  • If you wish to maintain the initial look, the roll should be resealed periodically (after first allowing the product to naturally weather) with an exterior grade timber finish.

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1800 x 3000


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